Feasibility and Schematic Design

We provide customized cost estimates and technical advice to ensure project feasibility and economic viability. Our Bills of Quantities list required work items and provide a pricing measure.

Detailed Design and Appraisal

We're a reliable supplier for major projects with tailored solutions based on client requirements. Our detailed design calculations, drawings, and specifications use recognized software to deliver top-notch design solutions.

Static, Dynamic and Finite Element Analysis

Our advanced structural analysis capabilities include non-linear and finite element analysis using recognized software. We provide 2D and 3D solid element analysis, and are experienced in material and geometrical non-linearity analysis.

More Services We Provide

Design, Inspection and Structural Reports for Building Projects

We provide end-to-end services from inspection to completion, including design, planning permission, 3D animation, and application submission. We also offer detailed design, Building Control, tender administration, site supervision, and construction management services for projects

Project Management

EDS offers project management services for efficient planning and oversight from project inception to completion. Our goal is to ensure well-engineered, financially viable projects that meet client requirements, completed on time and within budget.

Tower Asset Management

Our Asset Management Service takes a holistic approach to tower design and construction, enabling clients to maximize their assets while meeting financial objectives. Our strategies address potential problems in advance, providing cost and program certainty.

Inspections & Certifications

Site Survey, Inspection and Antenna Audit

We specialize in structural surveys and antenna audits, including full geometrical surveys for measurements, section sizes, and connection details. Our engineering department can produce an accurate model for database or design assessment even in the absence of technical drawings.

Custom Design and Compliance Certification . Planning and Fabrication Drawings

With 25+ years of experience in the masts and towers industry, we offer custom solutions and guide clients from design to delivery. Our design and detailing division is adept at handling small or large projects.

About us

EDS Consultancy specialises in designing masts, monopoles, and towers for telecommunications and meteorological industries. They offer services including analysis, design, fabrication, supply, and installation. EDS has a Centre of Excellence made up of highly trained and multi-skilled engineers who are constantly learning and seeking out new challenges. They have a culture of knowledge sharing and cross-training, which allows their engineers to have a broad knowledge of various business and engineering activities. With almost 40 years of experience in the industry and a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest standards and practices, EDS engineers have a broad but in-depth skill set and qualifications, including a minimum of a Master's Degree in Engineering, CSCS accreditation, Tower Climbing certification, Fall Arrest System installation training, and Emergency First Aid qualifications.


EDS Consultancy aims to be a leading designer and supplier of towers, masts, and monopoles in the UK and Ireland. We provide products and services that surpass client expectations, are competitively priced, and use high-quality, locally-sourced and ethically-produced materials. Our Centre of Excellence draws on over 40 years of experience to develop engineers' knowledge, ensuring that designs meet specifications, cost, health & safety, and construction needs. Our goal is to produce the best possible product at the lowest possible price without compromising quality. Training and development in our Centre of Excellence benefits our clients and helps us achieve our mission.

EDS Consultancy - Pride in Our Services

Customer-focused products to suit their specification and budget.
Accessible and experienced engineers to respond quickly to queries.
Highly skilled and capable workforce for all tasks required.
Encouraging training and learning opportunities for all employees.
Collaboration, diversity, and the use of latest design techniques and industry standards.
Continuous improvement of processes and technology to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency.

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